如果OSPF使用下图这种两个VPC Peer Link Group相连(TOP一组,BTM一组),就不能以VLAN Int为OSPF宣告口(各NEXUS都有此VLAN Int),必须单独引一条纯3层的线路用于OSPF。否则会造成卡在Exstart/DR无限循环的问题。     如果OSPF宣告口只是同过VPC PEER就能学到,就不存在问题。

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Nexus vPC

Building a vPC Domain: Guidelines and RestrictionsTo build a vPC domain, use the following configuration guidelines: ● You must enable feature vPC (conf t; feature vpc) before you can start configuring a vPC domain. ● You must configure peer-keepalive link before peer-link in order for vPC system to come up.● You must configure both vPC peer devices; the configuration is not sent from one device to the other. ● To configure double-sided vPC topology, you must assign a unique vPC domain ID for each respective vPC layer.

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