Pipeline execution The current running pipeline is available within Pipeline Expressions as execution. From there, you can navigate to different parts of the pipeline. For example, to reference the name of the first stage you can use ${ execution.stages[0]['name'] }. The current stage Values for the current stage context are available by their variable names. In the source JSON, they will be defined under the context object. if I see context.

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Few changes for default helm chart on github: Few new features only available in new components images(e.g authorization), so update your images. New Fron50 requires adding Credentials into /home/spinnaker/.aws, so make sure you mount it correctly: "volumeMounts": [ { "name": "spinnaker-spinnaker-spinnaker-config", "mountPath": "/opt/spinnaker/config" }, { "name": "spinnaker-spinnaker-s3-config", "mountPath": "/root/.aws" }, { "name": "spinnaker-spinnaker-s3-config", "mountPath": "/home/spinnaker/.aws" } ], To enable authentication and authorization, you need to configure Gate and Fiat.

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Spinnaker Hints

Spinnkaer has a lot of pieces and parts. Below is a table listing everything. Servivces Port Description halyard Official Spinnaker install/deployment tool, alternative is Helm. Deck 9000 Deck is a static AngularJS-based UI. Clouddriver 7002 Cloud Driver integrates with each cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.). It is responsible for all cloud provider-specific read and write operations. Echo 8089 Echo provides Spinnaker’s notification support, including integrations with Slack, Hipchat, SMS (via Twilio) and Email.

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Hal should be considered as official tool to install Spinnaker, you may find other ways such as Helm to install though, but they have no official support, meanning you can’t do simple upgrade in the future. Install Hal Make sure .hal exists for storing config Note if create under root, docker volume needs to have enough rights, I’m using regular user Ubuntu. mkdir ~/.hal Docker Run Docker will save all config at ~/.

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