Show available network interfaces: Create VLAN tagging for the appropriate interface: The interface name is the concatenation of the interface name + vlan id * 1000 + interface id ifconfig igb2000000 inet ifconfig igb2000000 netmask ifconfig igb2000000 up To verify the VLAN tagging: To make this persistant across reboots you need to create the /etc/hostname.if file: If the IP address was already assigned to an interface it is possible to move this file to the new interface name.

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There are always a bunch of strange commands to connect a server to SAN disks. In my case, I’m running Solaris 9, using QLogic Fibre Channel cards, and connecting to an IBM DS4300. 1) Connect the Solaris server SAN disks.After I made the connection, the GUI that allows me to zone the SAN recognized the QLogic connections, and I zoned the LUNs. If you need more detailed instructions, here are some potentially useful posts: How to Zone a Brocade SAN Switchand How to Zone IBM DS4000 SAN Disks.

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