RedHat Certified System Engineer(EX300) is an advanced and extended exam from EX200. It tests what EX200 already covers and extend them in a more detailed and advanced level. Network Manager Besides what we already know about using nmcli to configure networks, RHCE would like to see if candidates would understand how nmcli and legacy script based config work. A table of Comparison of nm-settings and ifcfg-* Directives nmcli con mod ifcfg-* file Effect ipv4.

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RedHat Certified System Administrator(EX200) is the 1st to acquire for most of Redhat advanced certificates(non-cloud, regular system admin path), Here are some hints and memo for learning and preparing for RHCSA. Link Files ln has hard link and soft link. ln newfile.txt /tmp/newfile-hlink2.txt will create a hard link of newfile.txt. hard link means full copy of the original file, the ln created hard link file will exist even if the original file got deleted.

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Openshift Setup Hints

All config and cmd in this blog has been verified and tested against Openshift 3.11 release Openshift is Redhat Container Platform, it mainly uses Kubernetes as its PaaS underlay and added more feature such as CICD, app store, etc. How to Install Similar as Kubespray, it uses a toolbox which has root access to all nodes and run ansible scripts to install and deploy everything. Few prerequisites before install:

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Redhat Setup Hints

Redhat has many modification from regular popular linux distributions. Hostname To change hostname on redhat7, simple as issuing following commands, no needs to change hosts file one by one: hostnamectl set-hostname name Network Manager Redhat uses NM to manage all interface settings, including IP, DNS and Routes. It’s also supported to use traditional script under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-*. To show current interface: nmcli con show To add a new interface profile with static IP:

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查看man文件… nroff -man man/libnet.3 | less 有时候man文件不在系统目录..这时候就可以用上面的方式来查看非标准的man文件 以不同的用户身份运行程序… su - username -c “where/is/command/line” 有时候需要运行特殊身份的程序…就可以让su来做… 解压bz文件 tar -jvxf 就是把tar的zvxf 改成jvxf 编辑/etc/inittab后直接生效的方法.. 执行init q 让linux连续执行几个命令,出错停止 command1 && command2 && command3 …. linux中的bg和fg管理 当我们打ctrl+z的时候一个任务就被挂起(就是暂停),同时屏幕上返回一个数字,这时候可以用 “bg %数字” 来把这个进程放到后台执行…这个很适合在你忘了加&的时候进行补救…同样 " fg %数字 “就能让这个进程放到前台来执行了… job命令用来查看当前的被bg的进程… ctrl+s与ctrl+q ctrl-s 好象是从终端时代遗传过来的东东, 流量控制, 用来暂停向终端发送数据的. ctrl-q 用来恢复恢复 目录统计教本 保存成 ,然后用 绝对路径,就会统计路径下目录的大小了 #!/bin/sh du 1 –max-depth=1 | sort -n|awk ‘{printf “%7.

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