Openstack Magnum

Magnum is the container cluster orchestration tool for Openstack, it uses Heat to deploy and monitor. The actual workflow would be: Python script to load cluster request –> Inject into Heat templates –> Start building VM –> run conditional actions in Shell –> build all nodes. Prerequisite Few setup need to be done before using Magnum: Node image needs to have property ‘os_distro’ set, fedora requires os_distro=fedora-atomic and coreos needs os_distro=coreos.

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Openstack Octavia

All config and cmd in this blog has been verified and tested against Queens release Considering Neutron LBaaS has been replaced by Octavia and marked as depreciated since Queens, I think it’s time to write a brief blog about Octavia. LB is the key to many app services running on Openstack, and it’s critical for K8s environment as it’s the only ingress endpoint for a exposed service. Let’s firstly talk about the issues and weakness that current LBaaS has:

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Openstack Kolla

Debug Add codes in ansible script before error script to troubleshoot with hostvars issue, it will list all var resources - debug: msg: "{{ hostvars[inventory_hostname] }}" List of Hosts “MAAS, docker, openstack-kolla, kolla” all installed on here Local Docker Registry To install multi-node docker openstack, we need to have local registry service, Nexus3 is a GUI visible easy to use registry server. install it via docker: create ./nexus3/data/docker-compose.yml nexus: image: sonatype/nexus3:latest ports: - "8081:8081" - "5000:5000" volumes: - .

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