install ubuntu 16.04 LTS create / partition with 1TB 512MB for EFI 50000MB for SWAP leave about 1.8TB for PV future use. can’t just use up entire sdb for / with lvm, it will cause issue when resizing lv space later. partition table will be massed up.  sudo fdisk -l show partitioned disks fdisk /dev/sdb partition unallocated space for new pv, say sdb4 with 1.8TB  sudo apt install lvm2

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Juju-deployer Hint

OPENSTACK支持ovs和gateway两种网络形式。OVS类似vmware的port group,gateway类似NSX edge gateway。 以下面例子为例,data-port=接受vlan tag的uplink,ext-port=不接受vlan tag的native uplink。 neutron-gateway: charm: local:trusty/neutron-gateway num_units: 3 to: controller-node=0 controller-node=1 controller-node=2 options: data-port: bond1 bridge-mappings: physnet1:br-data mapping后面的内容只是名字和注释,此名字在openstack建vlan型network时会用到 vlan-ranges: physnet1:100:4094 #ext-port: bond1 instance-mtu: 1400

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