By default, Ghost has no comments function. However, we can add this function via many different platforms. Let’s see how to add it on Disquz, a popular CMS comments tool. Visit Disquz and create a new account with your shortname. Follow the instruction on their website, choose install on Ghost, and it will lead you to it’s coding page. Paste codes into your post.hbs under theme’s folder, and reboot Ghost.

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All you need is pretty simple: A running Ghost (Can be Binary Installed or Docker, as long as you can open it via web); Download the entire static page; Create a new repo on Github and push the entire page on to it, then choose to enable github page and name it as “”. Key steps to make it possible wget -r -m -nH -P docs -E -T 2 -np -k http://{{URL}} This will download entire page and save into docs.

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