Ansible Hints

Ansible works against multiple systems in your infrastructure at the same time. It does this by selecting portions of systems listed in Ansible’s inventory, which defaults to being saved in the location /etc/ansible/hosts. You can specify a different inventory file using the -i <path> option on the command line. To ingore RSA key fingerprint concerns: Setting the environment variable ANSIBLE_HOST_KEY_CHECKING to False. Put it in an ansible.cfg file, either set that globally (at system or user level, in /etc/ansible/ansible.

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Openstack Kolla

Debug Add codes in ansible script before error script to troubleshoot with hostvars issue, it will list all var resources - debug: msg: "{{ hostvars[inventory_hostname] }}" List of Hosts “MAAS, docker, openstack-kolla, kolla” all installed on here Local Docker Registry To install multi-node docker openstack, we need to have local registry service, Nexus3 is a GUI visible easy to use registry server. install it via docker: create ./nexus3/data/docker-compose.yml nexus: image: sonatype/nexus3:latest ports: - "8081:8081" - "5000:5000" volumes: - .

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Openstack Ansible

Openstack-ansible is another public deployment tool for Openstack. Similar as Kolla, it segregates Openstack services/daemons inti LXC containers. Following TIPs are based on version 5.0 only Same External/Internal IP when deploy via ansible, if external and internal VIP are using same IP, SSL feature needs to be disabled, otherwise it will cause pip install failure: ------------------------------------------------------------ FAILED - RETRYING: TASK: pip_install : Install pip packages (fall back mode) (2 retries left).

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