Some tips for Dockerized Opencart:

  1. To fix country loading error under fastor theme 1.4, under catalog/view/theme/fastor/template/account change register.tpl last part account/account/country&country_id= to localisation/country&country_id=.

  2. To enable opencart mail service, need to install smtp on server first, otherwise port 465 and smtp module won’t work.

  3. import .pem cert into windows

    certutil –addstore –f “Root” *path*
  4. generate haproxy cert/key file.

    openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout cert.crt -out cert.crt -days 365 -nodes
  5. haproxy redirect http to https, run with following docker commands:

    docker run -d -e FORCE_SSL=yes -e CERT_FOLDER='/cert/' --name webapp dockercloud/hello-world
    docker run -d --link webapp:webapp -p 443:443 dockercloud/haproxy